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Upcoming events

    • 2023-05-18
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

    Join us for the next installment Composer Interview Series on May 18 at 1pm ET. Our guest will be Evan Williams. Get to know the composer and his music!

    Drawing from inspirations as diverse as Medieval chant to contemporary pop, the music of composer and conductor Evan Williams (b. 1988) explores the thin lines between beauty and disquieting, joy and sorrow, and simple and complex, while often tackling important social and political issues.Originally from the Chicagoland area, Williams currently resides in Boston, MAwhere he is Assistant Professor of Composition at the Berklee College of Music. Williams’ catalogue contains a broad range of work, from vocal and operatic offerings to instrumental works, along with electronic music. His work has been commissioned and performed by renowned ensembles and soloists worldwide.

Past events

2023-03-26 BNMI Salon Series IV
2023-03-15 Composer Interview Series - Karola Obermüller
2023-03-14 Abelton Workshop with Brian KM
2023-01-06 BNMI Salon Series III - European Edition
2022-12-08 Composer Interview Series - Osnat Netzer
2022-12-02 Guest Artist Concert: Brian KM
2022-11-10 BNMI Salon Series II
2022-10-21 Composer Interview Series - Leah Reid
2022-10-16 Social Media and Marketing for Musicians
2022-09-29 BNMI Salon Series I
2022-06-05 LMS Closing Concert: The Music of Speech
2022-06-05 Living Music Summit: Freedom Trail Walk & Pizza Lunch
2022-06-05 Workshop: Writing for Marimba with Matt Sharrock
2022-06-05 Living Music Summit Coffee Meetup!
2022-06-04 LMS Feature Concert: The Music of Speech
2022-06-04 Workshop: Recorder Composition Readings with Emily O'Brien
2022-06-04 Living Music Summit Lunch/Happy Hour
2022-06-04 Living Music Summit: Group Hike!
2022-06-03 LMS Opening Concert: Literary Elements
2022-06-03 2022 Living Music Summit (All Weekend Ticket)
2022-05-14 Workshop: Writing For Recorder
2022-05-04 Composer Interview Series IV - Melika M. Fitzhugh
2022-04-20 BNMI Salon Series IV
2022-03-09 Composer Interview Series III - Ingrid Stölzel
2022-02-09 BNMI Salon Series III
2022-01-06 Composer Interview Series II - Jerod Tate
2021-12-15 BNMI Salon Series II
2021-11-10 Composer Interview Series I - Gabriel Bolaños
2021-10-05 BNMI Salon Series I
2021-07-27 BNMI Summer Salon
2021-06-20 Living Music Summit: Bon Appétit
2021-06-19 Living Music Summit: Writing for Violin and Viola Workshop
2021-06-18 Living Music Summit: Full Program
2021-05-22 Workshop: Writing Your Bio
2021-05-13 BNMI Salon Series: Salon VI
2021-03-23 BNMI Salon Series: Salon V
2021-03-06 Social Media and Web Presence for Composers and Musicians
2021-02-25 BNMI Salon Series: Salon IV
2021-01-12 BNMI Salon Series: Salon III
2020-12-09 BNMI Salon Series: Salon II
2020-10-29 BNMI Fall Salon
2020-08-30 Outdoor Concert
2019-11-09 Resounding Bodies and Spirits
2019-04-07 The Beauty of the Line
2019-02-16 <3
2018-11-03 Cello Composition Workshop
2018-10-12 The Beauty of the Night
2018-09-16 Beer for Music
2018-04-05 Dramatic Tensions
2018-01-27 Five's a Crowd - with special guest patchtax
2017-11-10 Opera Bites - Boston Opera Collaborative
2017-09-23 Fall Composition Workshop - Boston New Music Festival
2017-04-22 BNMI Season 8 Concert Ars Nexa Tempora
2017-01-21 Winter Composition Workshop
2016-11-04 Dualities
2016-04-16 BNMI Season 7 Spring Concert
2016-01-30 BNMI Season 7 Winter Concert
2015-04-16 SPACE/TIME
2014-11-14 Voci et Veritas
2014-04-12 Season 5 Finale
2013-10-31 BNMI at Ryles Jazz Club
2013-08-16 BNMI Post-Concert Reception
2013-02-16 A Candid Conversation with Richard Cornell

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