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Community Calendar

If you are a full member of BNMI and would like your event listed on our community calendar, please email your event details to

Upcoming events

    • 2024-05-01
    • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Virtual

    Join us for the eighth Composer Salon of the 2023-2024 season! BNMI will continue to host the Salon Series throughout this current season. The next salon will be on Wednesday, May 1st from 5:30 - 6:30 pm ET and hosted by Leah Reid. Members will have the opportunity to present their works in a panel-style discussion to other composers and a general audience, with moderation by BNMI staff.

    Presenting is free for Shout It Out members or $5 for Whisper In Your Ear members. A maximum of 3 presenters can register (a waitlist option will be available).

    Attendance for the general audience (i.e. without presenting) is free, but will be capped at 15.

Past events

2024-03-31 BNMI Salon Series VII
2024-02-15 BNMI Salon Series VI
2024-01-07 BNMI Salon Series V
2023-12-17 BNMI Salon Series IV
2023-11-28 BNMI Salon Series III
2023-10-22 BNMI Salon Series II
2023-09-24 BNMI Salon Series I - European Edition
2023-06-04 BNMI Salon Series V
2023-05-21 Prismatic Congruency Live
2023-05-18 Composer Interview Series - Evan Williams
2023-03-26 BNMI Salon Series IV
2023-03-15 Composer Interview Series - Karola Obermüller
2023-03-14 Abelton Workshop with Brian KM
2023-01-06 BNMI Salon Series III - European Edition
2022-12-08 Composer Interview Series - Osnat Netzer
2022-12-02 Guest Artist Concert: Brian KM
2022-11-10 BNMI Salon Series II
2022-10-21 Composer Interview Series - Leah Reid
2022-10-16 Social Media and Marketing for Musicians
2022-09-29 BNMI Salon Series I
2022-06-05 LMS Closing Concert: The Music of Speech
2022-06-05 Living Music Summit: Freedom Trail Walk & Pizza Lunch
2022-06-05 Workshop: Writing for Marimba with Matt Sharrock
2022-06-05 Living Music Summit Coffee Meetup!
2022-06-04 LMS Feature Concert: The Music of Speech
2022-06-04 Workshop: Recorder Composition Readings with Emily O'Brien
2022-06-04 Living Music Summit Lunch/Happy Hour
2022-06-04 Living Music Summit: Group Hike!
2022-06-03 LMS Opening Concert: Literary Elements
2022-06-03 2022 Living Music Summit (All Weekend Ticket)
2022-05-14 Workshop: Writing For Recorder
2022-05-04 Composer Interview Series IV - Melika M. Fitzhugh
2022-04-20 BNMI Salon Series IV
2022-03-09 Composer Interview Series III - Ingrid Stölzel
2022-02-09 BNMI Salon Series III
2022-01-06 Composer Interview Series II - Jerod Tate
2021-12-15 BNMI Salon Series II
2021-11-10 Composer Interview Series I - Gabriel Bolaños
2021-10-05 BNMI Salon Series I
2021-07-27 BNMI Summer Salon
2021-06-20 Living Music Summit: Bon Appétit
2021-06-19 Living Music Summit: Writing for Violin and Viola Workshop
2021-06-18 Living Music Summit: Full Program
2021-05-22 Workshop: Writing Your Bio
2021-05-13 BNMI Salon Series: Salon VI
2021-03-23 BNMI Salon Series: Salon V
2021-03-06 Social Media and Web Presence for Composers and Musicians
2021-02-25 BNMI Salon Series: Salon IV
2021-01-12 BNMI Salon Series: Salon III
2020-12-09 BNMI Salon Series: Salon II
2020-10-29 BNMI Fall Salon
2020-08-30 Outdoor Concert
2020-02-22 Composition workshop
2019-11-09 Resounding Bodies and Spirits
2019-04-07 The Beauty of the Line
2019-02-16 <3
2018-11-03 Cello Composition Workshop
2018-10-12 The Beauty of the Night
2018-09-16 Beer for Music
2018-04-05 Dramatic Tensions
2018-01-27 Five's a Crowd - with special guest patchtax
2017-11-10 Opera Bites - Boston Opera Collaborative
2017-09-23 Fall Composition Workshop - Boston New Music Festival
2017-04-22 BNMI Season 8 Concert Ars Nexa Tempora
2017-01-21 Winter Composition Workshop
2016-11-04 Dualities
2016-04-16 BNMI Season 7 Spring Concert
2016-01-30 BNMI Season 7 Winter Concert
2015-04-16 SPACE/TIME
2014-11-14 Voci et Veritas
2014-04-12 Season 5 Finale
2013-10-31 BNMI at Ryles Jazz Club
2013-08-16 BNMI Post-Concert Reception
2013-06-29 2013 Annual Fundraiser
2013-02-21 CONVERGENCE
2013-02-16 A Candid Conversation with Richard Cornell
2012-11-11 ROADS TAKEN
2012-10-20 2nd Annual BNMI Pub Crawl

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