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Prismatic Congruency | Nature: beautiful, brutal, and balanced

November 19, December 3 and December 17

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Presented by the Boston New Music Initiative including Danielle Aldach, Lisa Bost-Sandburg, Stephanie Clark, Ramzi Hakim, Andrew Hosler, Almira Izumchensky, Brian KM, Brú Lewis, Emily O'Brien, Wilson Poffenberger, Beth Ratay, Mary Jane Rupert, and Benjamin Yingst.

Vote for your favorite works! The favorite work from each concert will advance to a final round with a second presentation in March. At least one of those crowd favorites will get a live performance in Boston on May 21, 2023 at 4pm at the Record Co! Voting for the November through December series will close on December 30.

November 19

Yuchen Bian - Mirage
Tomas Friberg -
David Heinick-
Monstrous Many Notes
Brian KM -

Vote here for your favorite here.

December 3

Alex Wakim - Folie a deux
Joseph Klein - Der Ohrenzeuge
Brú Lewis - Improvisation on Miniature for Brú by Michi Nakayama
Ruby Fulton - You, Me, and Pedro

December 17

Benjamin Webster - Fairchild Botany
Kirsten Johnson - Eliza
Melika Fitzhugh - ...splattering rosé and ripple
Wajdi Abou Diab -
Tafa'l تفاعيل

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