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Prismatic Congruency is sponsored in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Prismatic Congruency | Nature: beautiful, brutal, and balanced

November 19, December 3 and December 17

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Presented by the Boston New Music Initiative including Danielle Aldach, Lisa Bost-Sandburg, Stephanie Clark, Ramzi Hakim, Andrew Hosler, Brian KM, Brú Lewis, Emily O'Brien, Wilson Poffenberger, Beth Ratay, Mary Jane Rupert, and Benjamin Yingst.

*favorites chosen for Winner's Circle

November 19

Yuchen Bian - Mirage
Tomas Friberg -
David Heinick-
Monstrous Many Notes
*Brian KM -

December 3

*Melika Fitzhugh - ...splattering rosé and ripple
Joseph Klein - Der Ohrenzeuge
Brú Lewis - Improvisation on Miniature for Brú by Michi Nakayama
Ruby Fulton - You, Me, and Pedro

December 17

*Kirsten Johnson - Eliza
Benjamin Webster - Fairchild Botany
*Wajdi Abou Diab -
Tafa'l تفاعيل

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