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Prismatic Congruency | Dreams: neurotic, naughty and nebulous

January 21, February 4 and February 18

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Presented by the Boston New Music Initiative including Danielle Aldach, Ken Allen, Stephanie Clark, Andrew Hosler, Almira Izumchensky, Brú Lewis, Shalun Li, Arjun Mudan, Emily O'Brien, Wilson Poffenberger, Beth Ratay, Deirdre Viau, and Benjamin Yingst.

Vote for your favorite works! The favorite work(s) from each series will advance to a final round with a second digital presentation on March 25. At least one of those crowd favorites will get a live performance in Boston on May 21, 2023 at 5:30pm at the Record Co! Voting for the January through February series will close on March 18.

January 21

Lynn Blake John - Whale Songs
Charles Shadle - A Tale of My Native Land #4
Mats O. Hansson -

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February 4

Brú Lewis - Abstraction 2
Richard Derby - Ostinaughty
Michael O'Brien - Coasting on Daydreams
Greg Steinke - Van Gogh Vingettes (1, 3, 4)

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February 18

Randall Snyder - Sarah's Wing
Patricio Molina - Dream
Zach Gulaboff Davis -
Shattered Mirrors
Antonio Macaretti - Kiné

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