The third annual BNMI Commissioning Competition closed on October 15, 2014.  There is a two-round review process for this competition.  The first round consists of a judging panel comprised of composers and performers from BNMI's staff, core ensemble, Board of Directors, and guest artists.  All submissions will be sent to this panel within the next few weeks for the first round of review.  

The second round of review will begin in January 2015.  The judging panel for the second round consists exclusively of external judges with no past or present formal affiliation with BNMI.  Some panel members in past competitions have requested that they remain anonymous, and thus we have elected to keep the entire judging panel anonymous at this time.  However, all members of the panel are qualified experts in the industry, possess significant experience and credentials in reviewing and adjudicating calls for scores and competitions, and all currently hold a prominent professional position within the industry.

The winning composer(s) will be notified no later than May 15, 2015. If for any reason a winner has not been selected by this date, we will send out an email notification to all submitting composers with an update.  If you do not receive a notification by this date, please contact us.  

Past competition winners:
2013 Nicola Straffelini
2012 Panayiotis Kokoras

The next call for scores hosted by the organization will open on November 1, 2014.  The call will be for chamber scores (seven performers or less).  Please revisit this page at that time for full details and to submit your works.

The submission fees for this call are $5 for full members and $15 for associate members. There is no limit to number of works submitted, although each work requires a separate submission fee.

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